Pennant Sleeves

 I highly recommend using sleeves to protect your pennants!  Which one will be best for you really comes down to personal choice.  I currently carry two types of protective sleeves.  Soft Cellophane sleeves are no longer available. There are no sleeves currently available for mini pennants but most collectors will cut down the full size ones and this works great.


Soft Poly Sleeves: These are a thicker mil soft plastic

1 11 @ $1.25 ea.

12 50 @  $1.10 ea.

51 100 @ $1 ea.

 101 500 @ $ .85 ea.

 Prices DO NOT Include Shipping



Hard Poly Sleeves: Thick hard plastic similar to Top Loaders - CURRENTLY SOLD OUT

 1 11 @  $4 ea.

 12 25 @ $3.75 ea.

 26 50 @  $3.50 ea.

 51 100 @ $3 ea.

 Prices DO NOT Include Shipping




These are exactly like the other Hard Poly Sleeves but have shop wear from being moved around the warehouse or
taken to shows. The wear usually consists of mars or minor scratches that prevent them from being sold as MINT condition.