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H2707 1993 Panthers v Penguins Inaugural Game Limited Edition Nr Mint $   18.00 H2707 Panthers v Penguins.jpg (434612 bytes)
SLU14 1997 Jaromir Jagr Starting Lineup new in package/package is Nr Mint or better condition Nr Mint $   11.99 penguins_lineup.jpg (317364 bytes)
H107 1980s Penguins-Yellow Stripes Ex Mint $   11.99 H107_Penguins.jpg (17726 bytes)
H2672 1992 Penguins Stanley Cup Champs Nr Mint $   18.00 H2672 Penguins.jpg (459316 bytes)
H2673 80s-90s Penguins #1 die cut finger - soiled Ex Mint $   15.00 H2673 Penguins.jpg (340196 bytes)
H2581 1980s Penguins - hang hole in spine/pin holes/wear Ex $     7.99 H2581 Penguins.jpg (291328 bytes)
H109 1999 Penguins-Flying Puck NM-Mint $     7.99 H109_Penguins.jpg (10894 bytes)
H1093 1990s Penguins-Heavy Wool Pennant Embroidered NM-Mint $   11.99 H1093_Penguins.jpg (20286 bytes)
H4295 1990s Penguins-Multi Color  NM-Mint $     7.99 H4295.jpg (9811 bytes)
H4296 1990s Penguins Goalie Mask Wincraft Edition #2 NM-Mint SOLD H4296.jpg (11383 bytes)
H4297 1990s Penguins-Multi Color Wincraft Edition #1 NM-Mint $     7.99 H4297.jpg (11297 bytes)
H4325 1991 Penguins vs Minnesota North Stars Stanley Cup Nr Mint $   18.00 Copy_of_H4235.jpg (12244 bytes)