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C32250 1982 Washington Huskies Rose Bowl Champs Score 28 to 0 vs Iowa Nr Mint $   45.00 C32250_Washington.jpg (333268 bytes)
C32251 Washington Huskies Aloha Bowl Nr Mint $   45.00 C32251_Washington.jpg (316827 bytes)
C32252 Washington Huskies Sun Bowl Nr Mint $   45.00 C32252_Washington.jpg (321256 bytes)
C32254 1993 Washington Huskies Rose Bowl Nr Mint $   34.99 wa_huskies_93.jpg (501980 bytes)
C32255 70s-80s Washington Huskies Rose Bowl Nr Mint $   34.99 washington_rose_bowl.jpg (498871 bytes)
C32253 1992 Washington Huskies Rose Bowl Nr Mint $   34.99 washington_rose_bowl_2.jpg (491173 bytes)
C31254 80s-90s Washington Huskies Wincraft Nr Mnt $   11.99 C31254_Huskies.jpg (31627 bytes)
C3247 1992 Washington State Rose Bowl Wincraft Nr Mint $   34.99 100_6604.JPG (991755 bytes)
C31043 2000s Washington Huskies Tag New $     7.99 C31043_WA.jpg (33320 bytes)
C2076 2000-01 Washington Huskies Wincraft New $     7.99 100_6603.JPG (778477 bytes)
C32544 2008 Washington Wincraft New $5.99 100_6602.JPG (722876 bytes)


C32256 70s-80s Washington State Cougars Holiday Bowl Nr Mint $   45.00 C32256_Washington_State.jpg (321263 bytes)
C3246 2003 Washington State Rose Bowl Wincraft (Ink stain from hologram) Nr Mint $     7.99 100_6601.JPG (702344 bytes)
C32545 2008 Washington State Wincraft New $5.99 100_6600.JPG (745058 bytes)
C32546 Washington State Nr Mint $34.99 100_6599.JPG (686366 bytes)


C31932 2000s Gonzaga - Tag New $     7.99 C31932_Gonzaga.jpg (471958 bytes)
C3588 2003 Gonzaga University - Wincraft New $     5.99 C3588__WA._STATE.jpg (31530 bytes)
C32257 60s-70s Washington State - pin holes/tip wear Ex Mint SOLD C32257_Washington_State.jpg (441813 bytes)
C31688 Vintage Washington Huskies - pin holes Ex Mint SOLD C31688_Washington.jpg (336531 bytes)
C31974 Vintage Washington - pin holes/light general aging and wear Ex Mint SOLD C31974_Washington.jpg (444947 bytes)
C3577 2003 Washington Huskies Winvraft New SOLD C3577_WA.STATE.jpg (29856 bytes)
C2074 2000 Washington State Cougars Wincraft New SOLD C2074_WA_state.jpg (14747 bytes)
C32258 70s-80s Washington State - soiling/creasing/wear Ex SOLD C32258_washington_state.jpg (384771 bytes)
C31683 70s-80s Washington Huskies Rose Bowl - fade/light wear/pin holes Ex SOLD C31683_Washington.jpg (323133 bytes)
C4130 1990s Washington Huskies Wincraft New SOLD C4130_WA_state.jpg (12394 bytes)
C31561 1985 Washington Huskies v Colorado Buffaloes Freedom Bowl Nr Mint SOLD C31561_Wash_v_Colorado.jpg (302082 bytes)
C4126 1998 Michigan Wolverines vs Washington State NM-Mint SOLD C4126_Washington_v_Michigan.jpg (14921 bytes)
C31621 2000s Washington State Cougars Tag NM-Mint SOLD C31621_Wa_State.jpg (431787 bytes)
C3614 1980s Washington Huskies - pin holes/creaming/aging Ex SOLD C3614_WA.jpg (31100 bytes)
C31684 90s-00s Washington Huskies - newer sewn on letters NM-Mint SOLD C31684_Washington.jpg (289823 bytes)
C31685 70s-80s Washington Huskies Rose Bowl - pin holes Ex Mint SOLD C31685_Washington.jpg (297906 bytes)
C31246   Washington Huskies - lots of moth nips/holes/damage Oversized Vg SOLD C31246_Washington_Huskies.jpg (48674 bytes)
C31686 Vintage Washington Huskies Oversized Ex SOLD C31686_Washington.jpg (418098 bytes)
C31689 60s-70s Washington Huskies Nr Mint SOLD C31689_Washington.jpg (354952 bytes)
C31795 2005 Washington State - Wincraft NM-Mint SOLD C31795_Washington_State.gif (7632 bytes)
C31279   Washington Huskies Nr Mint SOLD C31279_Washington_Huskies.jpg (36190 bytes)
C31682 70s-80s Washington Huskies Rose Bowl - pin holes/fade/wear Ex SOLD C31682_Washington.jpg (335641 bytes)
C31794 2005 Washington Huskies - Wincraft NM-Mint SOLD C31794_Washington.gif (14166 bytes)