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C32471 2007 Clemson Wincraft New $     5.99 100_8800.JPG (716839 bytes)
C32471 2005 Clemson - Wincraft New $     7.99 100_8801.JPG (737407 bytes)
C32512 1990s Clemson Trench Nr Mint $5.99 100_6646.JPG (844085 bytes)
C32379 1980s Clemson - soiled tip Ex Mint $   11.99 100_8802.JPG (697940 bytes)
C31772 2000s Clemson die cut felt helmet 14" x 13 1/2" New $     5.99 C31773_Clemson_sign.jpg (293611 bytes)


C32536 2008 South Carolina Wincraft New $5.99 100_6614.JPG (844795 bytes)
C32537 1987 South Carolina Gator Bowl Nr Mint $34.99 100_6661.JPG (717150 bytes)
C3112 70s-80s U of South Carolina Hall Of Fame Bowl Nr Mint $   45.00 100_6666.JPG (694361 bytes)
C2102 60s-70s South Carolina Peach Bowl Nr Mint $   45.00 100_6667.JPG (731980 bytes)
C31919 1990s South Carolina - Tag Nr Mint $     7.99 100_6665.JPG (694378 bytes)
C2104 70s-80s South Carolina Gator Bowl Nr Mint $   45.00 100_6663.JPG (693204 bytes)
C31257 80s-90s South Carolina Gamecocks Nr Mint $   14.99 100_6664.JPG (711691 bytes)
C31618 1987 South Carolina Gamecocks Gator Bowl Nr Mint $   18.00
C31347 2004 South Carolina Gamecocks Tag New $     7.99 100_6662.JPG (962072 bytes)
C3582 2000s Clemson University - Wincraft New SOLD C3582_Clemson.jpg (414285 bytes)
C32380 2000s Clemson Tag New SOLD C32380_Clemson.jpg (399327 bytes)
C32368   South Carolina 3/4 size Ex Mint SOLD C32368_South_CArolina.jpg (195867 bytes)
C31292 2004 South Carolina Gamecocks Wincraft New SOLD C31292_South_Carolina.jpg (31203 bytes)
C32369   South Carolina Wincraft New SOLD C32369_South_Carolina.jpg (347649 bytes) 
C3795 1980s South Carolina Gamecocks Ex SOLD C3795_South_Carolina.jpg (35013 bytes)
C31434 60s-80s Clemson Tigers Gator Bowl Ex SOLD
C4050 1998 Final 4 Stanford Kentucky Utah North Carolina NM-Mint SOLD C4050_Kentucky.jpg (13624 bytes)
C31435   Clemson Tigers Nr Mint SOLD
100_8799.JPG (1439362 bytes) 100_8797.JPG (1891927 bytes)