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C2200 1978 U of Pitt Tangerine Bowl  Nr Mint $   45.00 100_6908.JPG (807637 bytes)
C32551 2008 Pitt Wincraft New $5.99 100_6901.JPG (868154 bytes)
C32330 1980s Pitt - trimmed tip/aging Vg-Ex $     7.99 100_6910.JPG (875465 bytes)
C32331   Pitt Gator Bowl - pin holes/fade/aging and wear Vg-Ex $   65.00 100_6907.JPG (757149 bytes)
C32332 1987 Pitt Bluebonnet Bowl - pin holes/aging Ex Mint $   18.00 100_6906.JPG (779844 bytes)
C2154 70s-80s Pittsburgh Gator Bowl Nr Mint $   45.00 100_6909.JPG (955402 bytes)
C31546 Vintage Pitt Golden Panthers - blunt tip/light aging and wear Ex $   38.00 100_6905.JPG (744992 bytes)
C31203 1983 Pitt Panthers Cotton Bowl Classic Nr Mint $   45.00 100_6904.JPG (849514 bytes)
C31548 Vintage Pitt Golden Panthers - stain on spine Ex Mint $   34.99 100_6903.JPG (792181 bytes)
C31125 Vintage University of Pittsburgh Ex Mint $   45.00 100_6902.JPG (705403 bytes)


C5000 2009 USC v Penn State Rose Bowl - New soft sublimation style by Wincraft New $9.99 65744091.gif (17025 bytes)
C5005 2009 Penn State Rose Bowl Wincraft new soft sublimation style New $7.99 65620091.gif (15967 bytes)
C5009 2008 Penn State Big-10 Football Champs - New soft sublimation style by Wincraft New $9.99 100_7318.JPG (664514 bytes)
C32549 2008 Penn State Wincraft New $5.99 100_6912.JPG (760808 bytes)
C32334   Penn State - blunt tip/aging Ex Mint $   34.99 C32334_Penn.jpg (395240 bytes)
C32336   Penn State Ex Mint $   34.99 C32336_Penn.jpg (428668 bytes)
C32337   Penn State 3/4 size Ex Mint $   18.00 C32337_Penn_State.jpg (301514 bytes)
C32338 1980s Penn State - soiling/wrinkles/aging Ex $     7.99 C32338_Penn.jpg (412849 bytes)
C32200   Penn State - paint wear/aging/pin holes/blunt tip Vg-Ex $   18.00 C32200_Penn_State.jpg (390419 bytes)


C31490   Temple University - soiled Ex Mint $   24.99
C32213   Temple - blunt tip/aging and wear Ex Mint $   34.99  
C31488   Temple University 3/4 size Ex Mint $   24.99
C31491 Vintage Temple University Ex Mint $   34.99
C31492   Temple University - pin holes Ex $   24.99


C32181   Villanova Ex $   65.00 C32181_Villanova.jpg (442449 bytes)
C31993   Villanova - bad tip/pin holes/bad spine/aging and wear Vg-Ex $   18.00 C31993_Villanova.jpg (444633 bytes)


C32340 Vintage University of Pennsylvania - pin holes/fade/aged/worn Vg-Ex $   18.00 C32340_Pennsylvania.jpg (298817 bytes)
C32550 Vintage University of Pennsylvania - fade pin holes/aging and wear Ex $45.00 100_6911.JPG (838608 bytes)
C32341 Vintage University of Pennsylvania - pin holes/blunt point/aging and wear Ex $   45.00 C32341_Pennsylvania.jpg (266901 bytes)
C32342 Vintage University of Pennsylvania - pin holes/nick at tip/light aging Ex Mint $   45.00 C32342_Penn.jpg (367689 bytes)


C31545   Bucknell Ex Mint $   18.00  
C31546   La Salle 3/4 size Ex Mint $   18.00
C31544 Vintage St. Joseph Ex Mint $   85.00
C31543   St. Joseph 3/4 size Ex Mint $   18.00
C31456   Washington Jefferson Nr Mint $   35.00 C31456 Washington Jefferson.jpg (261093 bytes)
C31525   IUP Indiana University of Pennsylvania Ex $   25.00 C31525 IUP.jpg (296912 bytes)
C32229   Pitt Ex Mint SOLD  
C32333 Vintage Pitt Golden Panthers - pin holes/aging and wear Ex SOLD C32333_Pitt.jpg (353176 bytes)
C31549 1987 Pitt Bicentennial 1787-1987 Nr Mint SOLD
C31354   Pitt Panthers 3/4 size Ex Mint SOLD C31354_Pitt.jpg (22658 bytes)
C31552 Vintage Pitt Golden Panthers - blunt tip/pin holes/wear Ex SOLD
C31969   Pitt Panthers Gator Bowl Ex Mint SOLD C31969_Pitt.jpg (379114 bytes)
C32343 Vintage University of Pennsylvania -  Ex Mint SOLD C32343_Pennsylvania.jpg (312380 bytes)
C32335   Penn State Tag New SOLD C32335_Penn.jpg (408020 bytes)
C32339 1990 Penn State v USC LA Coliseum - soiling/aging and wear Ex SOLD C32339_usc_v_penn_state.jpg (386172 bytes)
C32110 2006 Penn State - Wincraft New SOLD C32110_Penn_State.jpg (436943 bytes)
C31489   Temple University Ex Mint SOLD
C31468 Vintage Villanova  Ex Mint SOLD C31468 Villanova.jpg (343568 bytes)
C31811 1980s Penn State - blunt point/light aging Ex Mint SOLD C31811_Penn_State.jpg (318230 bytes)
C31679   Penn State smaller 2 sided paper pennant 9" x 26" Ex Mint SOLD
C2153 2000 Penn State Wincraft NM-Mint SOLD C2153_Penn.jpg (12600 bytes)
C3319 2001 Penn State Wincraft NM-Mint SOLD C3319_Penn.jpg (18809 bytes)
C31534 70s-80s Penn State - pin holes/aged/wrinkling Ex SOLD
C31315 50s-70s Penn State Nr Mint SOLD
C31535 Vintage Penn State 3/4 size Ex Mint SOLD C31535 Penn State.jpg (27039 bytes)
C31126   Penn State - felt on felt Nr Mint SOLD C31126_Penn_State.jpg (37955 bytes)
C31536 60s-70s Penn State Nr Mint SOLD C31536_Penn_State.jpg (325608 bytes)
C31786 2005 Penn State - Wincraft NM-Mint SOLD C31786_Penn_State.gif (15756 bytes)
C31455 1985 NCAA Final-4 Memphis State-Villanova-Georgetown-St. Johns Ex Mint SOLD
C31544 70s-80s U of Pittsburgh Golden Panthers - pin holes Ex Mint SOLD
C31547 Vintage Pitt Golden Panthers - moth bite/paint cracks Ex SOLD
C31545 60s-80s University of Pittsburgh - pin holes Nr Mint SOLD
C31248 Vintage Pitt Golden Panthers - pin holes/light aging and wear Ex Mint SOLD C31248_Pitt.jpg (47556 bytes)
C31165 80s-90s Pitt Panthers  Ex Mint SOLD C31165_Pitt.jpg (37245 bytes)
C31550 80s-90s Pitt Panthers - creased/aged/staple holes Ex SOLD
C31551 70s-80s Pitt Panthers - creamed/aged/stained Vg SOLD
C31553 60s-70s Pitt Panthers Nr Mint SOLD
C31983 Vintage University of Pensylvania - soiled/pin holes/faded spine Ex SOLD C31983_Pennsylvania.jpg (340341 bytes)
C31543   University of Pennsylvania 5 1/2" x 12 1/2" small Ex Mint SOLD
C31538 Vintage Pennsylvania - blunt tip/pin holes/aging and wear Vg-Ex SOLD C31538_Penn.jpg (260245 bytes)
C31537 Vintage University of Pennsylvania 3/4 size Ex SOLD
C31538 Vintage University of Pennsylvania - blunt tip/felt damage Vg-Ex SOLD
C31540 Vintage University of Pennsylvania - pin holes/blunt tip Ex SOLD
C31541 60s-70s University of Pennsylvania - pin holes/worn ties Ex Mint SOLD