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C31874   Nebraska  Nr Mint $   18.00 C31874_Nebraska.jpg (329784 bytes)
C32370 Vintage Nebraska  Nr Mint $   34.99 C32370_Nebraska.jpg (337520 bytes)
C32538 Vintage Nebraska spine wear/light aging and wear Ex Mint $34.99 100_6655.JPG (731955 bytes)
C32539 Vintage Nebraska pin holes/bad tip/aging and wear Ex $28.00 100_6654.JPG (701820 bytes)
C101 1994 Nebraska Huskers National Champs Wincraft Nr Mint $   18.00 100_6660.JPG (716588 bytes)
C32540   Nebraska Sugar Bowl - pin holes/creaming/aging and wear Ex $34.99 100_6657.JPG (677538 bytes)
C31658 1988 Nebraska Big-8 Champs Orange Bowl - aging/wear Ex Mint $   45.00 100_6659.JPG (743413 bytes)
C31661 90s-00s Nebraska - sewn on letters New $   18.00 C31661_Nebraska.jpg (277217 bytes)
C99 1997 Nebraska-National Champs Wincraft New $   18.00 100_6658.JPG (851941 bytes)
C2034 2002 Hurricanes v Nebraska Rose Bowl Wincraft New $   14.99 100_6656.JPG (833711 bytes)
C2439 2002 Nebraska LTD Rose Bowl Wincraft New $   11.99 100_6611.JPG (813036 bytes)
C2457   Nebraska Cornhuskers 9" mini Nr Mint $   14.99 C2457_Nebraska.jpg (3433 bytes)
C3264 2000s Nebraska Huskers Helmet Wincraft Nr Mint $   11.99 C3264_Nebraska.jpg (20235 bytes)


C31541 Vintage Boys Town Football Nebraska Ex Mint $   65.00 C31541_Boys_Town.jpg (324474 bytes)
C31533 Vintage Lincoln - early sewn on letters Ex Mint $   65.00 C31533_Nebraska.jpg (275744 bytes)
C3076 Vintage U of Nebraska-Sugar Bowl Nr Mint SOLD C3076_Nebraska.jpg (12709 bytes)
C98 1990s Nebraska Huskers Wincraft New SOLD C98_Nebraska.jpg (13478 bytes)
C3590 2003 Nebraska Huskers - Wincraft New SOLD C3590_Nebraska.jpg (28653 bytes)
C2037 2001-02 Nebraska Huskers Wincraft New SOLD C2037_Nebraska.jpg (15025 bytes)
C2087 2001 Nebraska Huskers Wincraft New SOLD C2087_Nebraska.jpg (13937 bytes)
C2088 2000 Nebraska Huskers Wincraft New SOLD C2088_Nebraska.jpg (13022 bytes)
C32371   Nebraska Nr Mint SOLD C32371_Nebraska.jpg (343467 bytes)
C32372   Nebraska Nr Mint SOLD C32372_Nebraska.jpg (332436 bytes)
C32373   Nebraska Nr Mint SOLD C32373_Nebraska.jpg (329324 bytes)
C32374   Nebraska Nr Mint SOLD C32374_Nebraska.jpg (486976 bytes)
C32219   Nebraska - pin holes/creaming/aging Ex SOLD C32219_Nebraska.jpg (439397 bytes)
C32375   Nebraska - soil spot/aging Ex Mint SOLD C32375_Nebraska.jpg (435747 bytes)
C32376   Nebraska - soiled/creasing/blunt point/wear Vg-Ex SOLD C32376_Nebraska.jpg (498132 bytes)
C31659 Vintage Nebraska - felt wear/holes/soiling/aging Vg SOLD C31659_Nebraska.jpg (263985 bytes)
C31060 2000s Nebraska Huskers Tag NM-Mint SOLD C31060_Nebraska.gif (15337 bytes)
C3550 90s-00s Nebraska Huskers Nr Mint SOLD C3550_Nebraska.jpg (40141 bytes)