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C32531 2008 Louisville Wincraft New ~SOLD 100_6621.JPG (788871 bytes)
C32364 2007 Louisville Cardinals Wincraft New $     5.99 C32364_Louisville.jpg (418616 bytes)
C31619 2005 Louisville Cardinals NCAA Final-4 Regional Champs Wincraft New $     7.99 C31619_Louisville.jpg (374980 bytes)
C31562 2005 NCAA Final-4 Four Team Wincraft New $     7.99 C31562_Final-4.jpg (372841 bytes)


C32532 2008 Kentucky Wincraft New $5.99 100_6620.JPG (901774 bytes)
C32533 Vintage Kentucky - pin holes/hole in spine/aging and wear Ex $45.00 100_6616.JPG (798662 bytes)
C32534 Vintage Kentucky - pin holes/aging and wear Ex Mint $45.00 100_6615.JPG (510216 bytes)
C32126 1980s Kentucky Nr Mint $   14.99 C32126_Kentucky.jpg (352176 bytes)
C70 1996 Kentucky Wildcats-Final Four Champs Wincraft New $   14.99 100_6619.JPG (965197 bytes)
C69 1998 Kentucky Wildcats-NCAA Final Four Wincraft New $   14.99 100_6617.JPG (951029 bytes)
C71 1996 Kentucky Wildcats-National Champs Tag New $   14.99 100_6618.JPG (933057 bytes)
C31436 1984 NCAA Final-4 Four Team Nr Mint $   45.00 C31436_Final-4.jpg (334032 bytes)
C3671 1983 Kentucky Hall of Fame Bowl Nr Mint $   45.00 C3671_Kentucky.jpg (44394 bytes)


C32367 Vintage Wesleyan Banner Ex $   45.00 wesleyan_banner.jpg (429048 bytes)
C31622 Vintage University of Kentucky - pin holes/wear/paint wear/aging Ex SOLD C31622_Kentucky.jpg (318597 bytes)
C31625 Vintage University of Kentucky - paint wear/aging/blunt point Ex SOLD C31625_Kentucky.jpg (320199 bytes)
C32366 Vintage Kentucky - pin holes/blunt point/light aging and wear Ex Mint SOLD C32366_Kentucky.jpg (433464 bytes)
C3553 2003 Kentucky Wildcats - Wincraft NM-Mint SOLD C3553_Kentucky.jpg (37463 bytes)
C31557 1996 NCAA Final-4 Mississippi State- Syracuse-UMASS-Kentucky Nr Mint SOLD C31557_Final-4.jpg (414884 bytes)
C4050 1998 Final 4 Stanford Kentucky Utah North Carolina NM-Mint SOLD C4050_Kentucky.jpg (13624 bytes)
C32173 Vintage Louisville Cardinals 9" x 25 1/2" Vg-Ex SOLD C32173_Louisville.JPG (448470 bytes)
C32365   Kentucky Wincraft New SOLD C32365_Kentucky.jpg (370010 bytes)
C31846 1993 Final-4 @ New Orleans Fan Pak - Kentucky-Michigan-Kansas-N. Carolina - Pennant/Bumper Sticker/Button Nr Mint SOLD C31846_Kentucky-Michigan-Kansas-N.Carolina.jpg (505482 bytes)
C3140 80s-90s University of Louisville Cardinals Nr Mint SOLD C3140_Kentucky.jpg (15482 bytes)
C3729 60s-70s University of Louisville Nr Mint SOLD C3729_Louisville.jpg (40676 bytes)
C31348 2004 Kentucky Tag NM-Mint SOLD C31348_Kentucky.jpg (40438 bytes)
C31650 1980s Kentucky Ex Mint SOLD C31650_Kentucky.jpg (334982 bytes)
C3676 1984 Kentucky Hall of Fame Bowl Nr Mint SOLD C3676_Kentucky.jpg (34592 bytes)
C31621 Vintage Kentucky - soiled and aged and wear Vg-Ex SOLD C31621_Kentucky.jpg (315088 bytes)
C31623   University of Kentucky 3/4 size Nr Mint SOLD C31623_Kentucky.jpg (25526 bytes)