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C31563   Iowa Hawkeyes Rose Bowl Nr Mint $   85.00 C31563_Iowa.jpg (254700 bytes)
C2000 1980s Iowa Hawkeyes Gator Bowl Nr Mint $   45.00 C2000_Iowa_Hawkeyes.jpg (44655 bytes)
C32297 1980s Iowa Hawkeyes Rose Bowl Nr Mint $   45.00 C32297_iowa_rose_bowl.jpg (458424 bytes)
C32460 2007 Iowa Wincraft New $     5.99 iowa.gif (9525 bytes)
C32144 Vintage Iowa Hawkeyes - pin holes/tear/lots of moth damage Poor $   18.00 C32144_Iowa.jpg (419846 bytes)
C31917 Vintage Iowa Hawkeyes - missing portion of tip Vg $   14.99 C31917_State_u_of_Iowa.jpg (317592 bytes)
C3255 2003 Hawkeye Orange Bowl Rico New $   11.99 100_6629.JPG (836474 bytes)
C31918 Vintage Iowa Hawkeyes - missing large portion of tip Vg $ 14.99 C31918_State_u_of_Iowa.jpg (323759 bytes)
C3256 2003 Hawkeyes Orange Bowl Wincraft New $     11.99 100_6628.JPG (783438 bytes)
C3677 2000s Iowa Hawkeyes Tag New $     7.99 C3677_Iowa.jpg (43653 bytes)
C31921 1980s Iowa Hawkeyes - Has clear contact paper applied Vg $     3.99 C31921_Iowa.jpg (260775 bytes)


C32296 Iowa State Nr Mint $   34.99 C32296_Iowa_State.jpg (428206 bytes)
C31652 Vintage Iowa State 3/4 size Ex Mint $   24.99 C31652_Iowa_State.jpg (278997 bytes)
C31656 Vintage Iowa State Cyclones soliling and aging Ex Mint $   34.99 C31656_Iowa_State.jpg (321175 bytes)
C31262 1990s Iowa State Cyclones - Tag New $     7.99 C31262_Iowa_State.jpg (369603 bytes)
C313 1990s Iowa State Cyclones Wincraft New $     7.99 100_6622.JPG (849528 bytes)
C32049 Iowa State pin holes/aging and wear Ex Mint $   34.99 C32049_Iowa_State.jpg (390821 bytes)
C31657   Iowa State Cyclones Nr Mint $   34.99 C31657_Iowa_State.jpg (329722 bytes)
C32528 2008 Iowa State Wincraft New $5.99 100_6626.JPG (886090 bytes)
C32529 Vintage Iowa State Ex Mint $34.99 100_6625.JPG (923266 bytes)
C32530 80s-90s Iowa State light aging and wear Nr Mint $11.99 100_6623.JPG (854288 bytes)
C2061 2001-02 Iowa State Cyclones Wincraft New $     7.99 100_6627.JPG (812510 bytes)
C31977 Vintage Iowa Hawkeyes - blunt tip/pin holes/aging and wear Ex Mint SOLD C31977_Iowa.jpg (390435 bytes)
C3254 1990s Iowa Hawkeyes Tag Nr Mint SOLD C3254_Iowa.jpg (12596 bytes)
C32112 2006 Iowa Hawkeyes - Wincraft New SOLD C32112_Iowa.jpg (383395 bytes)
C32117 Iowa Hawkeyes - Bad tip/pin holes/one set of ties/aging and wear Ex SOLD C32117_Iowa.jpg (329132 bytes)
C32118 Vintage Iowa Hawkeyes Ex Mint SOLD C32118_Iowa.jpg (333508 bytes)
C32034 Iowa Hawkeyes  - pin holes/aging and wear Ex Mint SOLD C32034_Iowa.jpg (329059 bytes)
C31939 Vintage Iowa Hawkeyes - pin holes/light aging and wear Ex Mint SOLD C31939_Iowa.jpg (285309 bytes)
C4013 1991 Washington Huskies vs Iowa Hawkeyes Rose Bowl Nr Mint SOLD C4013_Iowa_v_Wa.jpg (13766 bytes)
C31058 Vintage Iowa Hawkeyes Rose Bowl Nr Mint SOLD C31058_Iowa.jpg (14784 bytes)
C31653   State University of Iowa 3/4 size Ex SOLD C31653_Iowa.jpg (280499 bytes)
C3259 1990s Iowa State Cyclones New SOLD C3259_Iowa.jpg (15771 bytes)
C31655   Iowa State Liberty Bowl - stained spine Ex SOLD C31655_Iowa_State.jpg (301937 bytes)
C31791 2005 Iowa State - Wincraft NM-Mint SOLD C31791_Iowa_State.gif (16281 bytes)
C31862 2004 Gators vs Hawkeyes Outback Bowl NM-Mint SOLD
C32084 Iowa Hawkeyes - paint wear/pin holes/aging and soiling Ex SOLD C32084_Iowa.jpg (363713 bytes)
C3455 1980s Iowa State Cyclones Nr Mint SOLD C3455_Iowa.jpg (28398 bytes)