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C32308 60s-70s Colorado Buffaloes - pin holes Ex Mint $    34.99 100_6681.JPG (658840 bytes)
C32562 2008 Colorado Wincraft New $5.99 100_6671.JPG (540497 bytes)
C32080 Colorado - faded/worn aged beat/soiled Poor FREE C32080_Colorado.jpg (402453 bytes)
C32048 Colorado - blunt tip/soil spot/light general aging and wear Ex $   34.99 C32048_Colorado.jpg (300704 bytes)
C32557 Vintage Colorado Ex Mint $34.99 100_6678.JPG (676231 bytes)
C2079 60s-80s Colorado Buffaloes Gator Bowl Nr Mint $   45.00 100_6680.JPG (668520 bytes)
C2032 2002 Colorado Buffaloes Fiesta Bowl Limited Edition Wincraft New $   11.99 100_6679.JPG (827318 bytes)
C31403 1977 Colorado Buffaloes Orange Bowl - stained/soiled Vg $   7.99 C31403_Colorado.jpg (36566 bytes)


C32309 2007 Air Force Wincraft New $     7.99 C32309_Air_Force.jpg (450758 bytes)
C32310 Air Force Nr Mint $   34.99 C32310_Air_Force.jpg (389252 bytes)
C31194   Air Force Sugar Bowl Ex $   85.00 C31194_Air_Force.jpg (36090 bytes)
C31208 Vintage Air Force Academy Ex Mint $   34.99 C31208_Air_Force.jpg (47655 bytes)
C31214   Air Force Academy Ex Mint $   34.99 C31214_Air_Force.jpg (37788 bytes)
C31406 60s-70s Air Force Academy Nr Mint $   34.99 C31406_Air_Force.jpg (355436 bytes)

Colorado State

C32563 2008 Colorado State Wincraft New $5.99 100_6670.JPG (725233 bytes)


C31404 2004-05 Denver Pioneers Mens Frozen-4 Champs Wincraft New $     7.99 C31404_Denver.jpg (401963 bytes)
C31410 1990s Colorado Buffaloes Nr Mint SOLD C31410_Colorado.jpg (34483 bytes)
C31258 1990s Colorado Buffaloes Tag New SOLD C31258_Colorado.jpg (38380 bytes)
C31872 1990 Colorado Orange Bowl Nr Mint SOLD C31872_Colorado.jpg (400814 bytes)
C31411 1980s Colorado Buffaloes Ex Mint SOLD C31411_Colorado.jpg (274264 bytes)
C31408 Vintage Colorado Buffaloes 3/4 size Ex Mint SOLD C31408_Colorado.jpg (360359 bytes)
C31998   US Air Force Academy - pin holes/one set ties/missing stitches in spine Ex SOLD C31998_Air_Force.jpg (372451 bytes)
C31412 80s-90s Colorado State - pin holes Nr Mint SOLD C31412_Colorado.jpg (335391 bytes)
C2080 2001 Colorado Buffaloes Wincraft NM-Mint SOLD C2080_Colorado.jpg (15868 bytes)
C2036 2001-02 Colorado Buffaloes Wincraft Nr Mint SOLD C2036_Colorado.jpg (14123 bytes)
C3209 2001-02 Colorado Buffaloes Wincraft NM-Mint SOLD C3209_Colorado.jpg (19416 bytes)
C31275 60s-80s Air Force Academy Ex SOLD C31275_Air_Force.jpg (40198 bytes)
C31413 1987 Air Force Freedom Bowl Nr Mint SOLD C31413_Air_Force.jpg (335292 bytes)
C31561 1985 Washington Huskies v Colorado Buffaloes Freedom Bowl Nr Mint SOLD C31561_Wash_v_Colorado.jpg (302082 bytes)
C31405 70s-80s Air Force Academy Ex SOLD C31405_Air_Force.jpg (369942 bytes)
C31102 60s-70s Air Force Academy Nr Mint SOLD C31102_Air_Force.jpg (367840 bytes)
C31790 2005 Colorado - Wincraft NM-Mint SOLD C31790_Colorado.gif (11950 bytes)