What kinds of pennants are there?



  • Generic city and team name with stadium or mascot.

  • Generic city and team name with logo or action scene.

  • Generic city and team name with team photo.

  • City and team with player names listed (scroll).

  • League Champs, Playoffs or World Championships (generic and scroll).

  • All-Star Games (generic and scroll).

  • Specific player images (e.g. DiMaggio, Williams).

  • Special events (e.g. HOF, Old Timers, Anniversary).



  • Exact sizing and precision cuts are not typical.

  • Standard full size is generally 11-12” wide by 28-30” long.

  • Some larger sizes exist (e.g. Special HOF).

  • Intermediate or “three-quarter” size; about 8-10” wide by 24-26” long.

  • Smaller sizes approximately 5” by 14” (e.g. Bazooka).

  • Miniatures that range in size to 1 ½ ” by 3 ¼ ” (e.g. American Nut & Chocolate).




  • Material is felt and generally 1/16” thick.

  • Soft and somewhat naturally crinkled overall on pre 1950’s.

  • Felt is typically softer and smoother on 1950’s.

  • Semi-stiff and stiffer felt more common in 1960’s.

  • Thinner, linen type material is evident in 50’s and 60’s.