What can I expect to find?



  • Quality vintage pennants are not plentiful.

  • They are gaining popularity and becoming difficult to find.

  • Generic team, stadium and logo types are relatively more common.

  • Team listing or scroll type with player names are difficult.

  • Limited events (league/world championships) are scarce.

  • One-day events such as all-star games are very scarce.

  • Specific Players are seldom seen if not rare.

  • Early 20th century versions of any type are rare.

CONDITION: (Keep this list and use it as a checklist when searching)

  • Are there rips, holes, or creases?

  • Is there fading? (Hint: Compare front to back) 

  • Is there cracked, missing or excess paint?

  • Is there hand writing or staining?

  • Does the tip come to a distinct point?

  • Was it mis-cut since many were cut by hand.
    (A personal preference but manufacturing defects are acceptable)

  • Has it been trimmed, altered or repaired?
    (Hint: Use a holder to evaluate shape and symmetry)

  • Are there thumbtack holes, rings or marks?

  • Are the spine and tassels tight and complete?

  • Are the tassels cut off? (Note: Some were made without tassels. This is
    typical of those manufactured by the ADFLAG company.