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APPEAL: What to collect?

  • Do you like the team, player or event depicted?

  • Do the colors, contrast and size appeal to you?

  • Do you like the overall design and illustrations?

  • Is there a particular theme youíd like to follow?

  • One favorite team or sport or all?

  • If you donít like it, donít buy it!


  • Like all collectibles, the factors noted above will influence price.

  • Rarity and condition will always have the greatest influence.

  • There is no complete price guide or specific reference.

  • Several publications offer periodic general pricing.

  • The market is still value driven (willing buyer/seller theory).

  • General rules of thumb difficult to maintain.

  • Buy the highest grade you can afford.


  •  Felt, like all cloth, is susceptible to various elements.

  •  Store flat in a cool, dry place.

  • Keep out of direct or indirect sunlight. 

  • Various types and grades of soft and hard plastic holders available. 

  • Display using hard plastic holders and tack to wall through holder. 

  • Store in a large (@24Ē by 40Ē) Tupperware-type container.

  • Suggestion Put a moisture-absorbing bag inside the container. I do not recommend the us of moth balls.


  • Donít recommend trying to clean with any type of wet solution.

  • Professional dry-cleaning may work but is risky. Experiment with caution.

  • Excess paint or stray markings can sometimes be lifted or scraped off.

  • Ironing is effective for flattening out creases on certain types of felt, notably the softer versions. Suggestion: Place a piece of paper towel between the iron and the felt to prevent damage.