How old and is it real ?



  • Precise dating is difficult; estimating a range of years is more likely.

  • Examples date back to late 19th century.

  • Vintage is generally considered to be pre-1969.

  • Obviously easy to determine age if year is included in design.

  • Team player names and events represented can aid in dating.

  • Certain designs, images and style characteristics represent age.

  • Manufacturer logo can provide hints to a timeframe.

  • The subject matter itself can define a year or timeframe.

  • The team or city can define a given year or range of years.

  • Actual material and printing styles can provide clues.

  • Paint colors like day-glow or fluorescent can reveal a period.

  • Photographs of events or people holding pennants help to pinpoint age.


  • Original vintage pennants have a certain look and feel.

  • They can be recognized with knowledge and experience.

  • Buy from a knowledgeable and reputable dealer.

  • Lots of reproductions: most for enjoyment, some intended to deceive.

  •  Learn everything you can.